The Print Shop

The pressroom is a small garage on Bonaccord Street, in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. It’s only about 10 x 12 feet, and houses a Ben Franklin Gordon platen press (dated 1890) and my beloved FAG TP550 proofing press (dated 1947). The bulk of the work is done on the proof press – which has an adjustable height bed.

As for type, I possess and adore about 6 cabinets of type – adding up to about 75 cases of mostly lead, with about 16 cases of wood type. It’s a lovely collection including to name just a few, Baskerville in a few weights and sizes, Perpetua, French Clarendon, Cooper Black, and a range of display type which you will note from the examples on the home page. The type is used all the time, as there is always an invitation, show poster, broadside or commission to be printed.

I welcome classes into the shop, though my capacity is minimal – I regularly host classes from both Fleming College and Trent University in groups of about 10-14 for short demonstrations.