Whitman Lately

Lately, i've been reading and thinking about the words of Walt Whitman. His poem – I Sing The Body Electric, is filled with romantic images. There are so many life/love lessons to be learned from this piece of work, in fact his whole body of work, once discredited by the wider community, resonates today like the day it was written.

I have printed the gentleman's words before, but took it up to carve another #linocut of his face, and pair it with a short excerpt.

"To be surrounded by breathing, curious, beautiful, laughing flesh is enough." 

Here is a link to the full poem.

Here is a link to the actual broadside.

The words i chose to focus on - playfully fall down the page, printed in a bold warm red from antique wood type - with the small cut of his face top right.

As well, when the pandemic started, I began to work hard at upping my skills with watercolour painting. Over the last few months i've painted more than 130 pieces, and the latest was a portrait of Whitman. That painting is depicted here. It's painted in a sort-of loose monochromatic way using blue, black and brown.

I expect over the winter i'll reprint the entire poem in chapbook form with inserted linocuts. I will update as this project progresses.