The Month of May and Letterpress Chapbooks

Lots of activity lately, including three, count'em 3 new chapbooks.

With the extension of the 'stay at home' order, I was pleased to accept Dec 2021 as the date for my next show, which was supposed to be June 2020, then June 2021. Thanks to Joe Stable at Acme for the flex.  So, having said that, work continues on what that show will look like. Stay tuned.

The chapbooks.

First up was my Grimsby Wayzgoose Anthology submission which was formed around research I continue to do into gay male culture from the 60s to today. Riffing on a book by Clark Henley - The Butch Manual - I've focussed my chapbook on a section entitled "Sitting if you must". It brings together a series of linocuts, wood type compositions and a short essay. I am pleased to say, i was in contact with the publisher, The Sea Horse Press, and via correspondence, was granted rights to print a brief bit of type. Clark, sadly succumbed to Aids in the 80s. An eight page submission to the anthology, was expanded to 16 plus a cover for the chapbook. I still need to sign and number them, and i hope to have them up on this site, for sale, later this spring.

As well, i am in the binding stage of a collection of new poems by local writer Gordon Johnston. Natural Prayers is filled with lovely references to the land, and features two linocuts - hand printed into the digital guts of the book. This piece also features a lovely letterpress printed cover. 

The third is a small, one poem chapbook from another local writer, Dimitrios Otis - with his nihilist piece, On Sitting Still. This one features a linocut as well, and hand-set lead type throughout. It's also in the bindery stage.

I've taken a break from painting watercolours lately, but hope to return to it over the coming days/weeks - en plein air. I want to take a different trajectory for the summer, as the entirety of my painting through the pandemic, so far - has happened in my apartment, either of images taken in my daily travels or simply objects found around the space. With the easing of restrictions over the coming months, my thinking is to reflect that in the work. 

Temperatures are up over the past week - and with the long weekend coming up, i expect to start swimming outdoors. With summer in mind, here is my song of the summer - so far - Be Sweet. Japanese Breakfast (project of Michelle Zauner) have been around for a few years. This song is delightful and fun and summery. Check it out.