Seasonal cards upcoming

Each year I print brand new Christmas and seasonal cards. I usually create approximately five or six designs - about 125 of each. This year, i'm making just as many styles but i've cut my numbers back a bit, not knowing what the market will be, and not having physical shows to sell them at.

Many card designs feature a typographic focus, though some with an image focus. This year again, my designs are a mix of the two. I cut a couple linocuts. One is of a star. The other is of a moon. The star cards are depicted here with a short phrase borrowed from a traditional Christmas song. I printed this one in metallic gold and a soft teal. Others feature woodtype with Christmasy green ink. And one is built strictly of ornaments printed in green and red (also depicted here). 

I'm also working on a solstice card - that's where i used the silver printed moon linocut. It's not quite finished yet, so stay tuned.

I often have no idea what I'm printing as I enter the shop. Meaning I don't come with preconceived ideas or planned ideas around what the focus will be. This applies to almost everything I print, short of chapbooks which require a more fulsome plan. In this patricular case I did carve the linocuts but without an idea of what the end result would look like. I enjoy the surprise of making.

Cards will be available through this site and through the Peterborough GreenUp store as well as the wonderful Watson and Lou, all located in downtown Peterborough. 

Let me know if you desire cards - it's a great time to reach out to friends and family. Even more so this year. I'm a big fan of snail mail here - and i hope you and yours are as well?

Note: If you would like custom cards, let me know and i'll happily follow-up with a quote. Thanks.