New Work - First Friday and All Through December

I have a show planned of new work on paper and plywood.
I'd love it if you'd drop by and have a look.

The work is in two parts.

The first of which has come together, mostly over the last six months, stems from previous experiments with relief printing on plywood. This is a method of printing i've had stewing in the workshop going back 4 years now. You see, I carved a couple of alphabets out of soft-block, and hand letter with them. That early piece (pictured below), was conceived and completed on the heels of the publication of my Manifesto, and borrows copy from that same chapbook.

Manifesto - relief print on plywood.

From that point, it became a larger experiment. Sometimes just straight-up lettering, emphasized through distortion, varying line length, juxtaposition, curation and finally, more recently, with underpainting. The content stems from personal identity, and the larger identities of our collective selves. I hope everyone will see themselves in this work. This part of the show is comprised of approximately 19 new works.

I've been encouraged to go big in my art - people have told me this
for years - to break out of the confines of a printed sheet of paper.
So, with this group of pieces, i've certainly made a conscious effort to take my work to a scale which is larger than can be fed through my printing press.

Part 2. As well, through the early days, weeks and months of the pandemic, when stay-at-home orders were de rigueur, i did just that, stayed home, alone and painted. Watercolour on paper mostly. Watercolour is something i've returned to many times over the years, and with this work, i literally just focussed on painting what was right in front of me. Sometimes it's a painting of a photo I took on a bike ride, but more often than not, it's a utilitarian item found right in my apartment. Toothbrush, book, plant, fruit, salt and pepper get the idea? Later on in this process, i started painting multiples per page, which was very satisfying with contrasting content side by side. As well, i spent a lot of time through those months, heavily embedded in introspection. I believe, to a degree, we all did. No?
So, many of those paintings were self portraits (of sorts). Some of the paintings were treated to an extra step. I over printed them on the letterpress, in fluorescent orange ink. FUN!

Over the course of the first and second waves, i created approx 200 watercolour paintings. This show includes 8-10 (yet to be determined) of those sheets of paintings.

I'll have an edition of posters for the show (letterpress, of course), on site at the opening. Drop by and give me the gears, i'd love to hear your thoughts.

Gallery Details: The opening is Friday, Dec 3 - 6pm to 10pm, part of First Friday PTBO. The Acme Gallery is open Saturdays 12-4 or by appointment. Commerce Bldg, 129 1/2 Hunter St.

As well, Seasonal Cards are in stock at Watson & Lou and Peterborough GreenUp. Or below!