Moving forward into 2021

It's Jan, 2021 and it doesn't seem like much has changed in the world. We are back in lockdown (mockdown), and it will get more severe as we move through the winter months and the lag in vaccine rollout continues. 

None of this has kept me from making new work. I sent out fun new 2021 New Years Cards this week, and i've turned out a couple new broadsides as well. My watercolour work has continued  - which has become a priority since the pandemic began back in March 2020. I've also been working on some things in Procreate on the iPad. Fun new media. Type and image based.

Improvise - one of the new broadsides, depicted here, comes from a place of wanting to express my methods in their truest form.

It is often the case that i have no idea what i am going to make, till i start pulling type, gathering ideas just as things are going on press. I do keep a digital journal (google doc) where i store word based inspiration for later use - but often don't have a clue what the jist of a piece is or will look like until i'm half-way through making it. In many ways, it's akin to abstract painting, except i use hand-set wood and lead type, and hand-carved blocks.

That is not always the case, as with books or longer form projects, but for broadsides and one-offs - this is it.

Happy New Year.