July July!

It is summer, at its absolute zenith!

I love it. It's truly the best time of year. Farmer's markets are starting to have a robust selection - picked up beets (new favs) and Tomatoes! Oh, I also got some lovely blue cheese from my friend Heily Teasdale - check her out here or at the Wed/Sat downtown markets.

Swimming! I've done a lot of it, and there is plenty more to come. Even got out in a canoe - a fine day trip to High Falls on Eels Creek. It was a fabulous day.

Looking ahead, as things start to normalize, ever so slightly, I'll have my studio open for the Art Gallery Studio Tour, which runs Sept 25/26th. Find details here and plan to check it out. I'll have some new mixed media pieces and lots and lots of new #letterpress work for sale. I'll also have something fun on press. Baby steps as we begin to claw back some of ourselves after a long break.

As well, thinking a bit further down the road into fall/winter...i'll have a long-delayed show at the ACME Gallery. The content of this show has changed over time, as it was originally planned to happen June 2020 - then delayed a couple more times as we dealt with wave two and three. Now, i feel like the show will truly open on the First Friday of December. Stay tuned for details closer to the date. First Friday is always a great event, and i'm pleased to be rejoining the fray after a long delay.