Happy New Year from Jackson Creek Press

Happy New Year - and with it, all the blessings of a positive year to you and yours. Beginning the year in a lockdown of sorts certainly wasn't in the playbook back in early December. But alas, here we are.

As we move into this new year - personally, I've got a few things planned creatively, as well as personally. I'm beginning work on a new chapbook, deets forthcoming. I hope to incorporate a number of wood/lino cut images. Working on preliminary drawings and planning currently. The blocks should be on press in February and the book launched in April/May. Watch for news of this.

With all happening, it appears our beloved Artspace Book+Zine Fair will once again be held virtually. I still hold out hope that the Grimsby Wayzgoose will be held in-person. It happens the last Saturday of April. Gosh, who knows what things will be like by then. Life is so unpredictable under Covid. But, I remain hopeful.

On another note, I was very pleased with the reception to my show at the Acme Gallery. Many works sold, which really does help during this time, and the words of those who attended means a great deal. This body of work is still evolving, with new experiments and creation happening ongoing. Thanks to all who attended and provided feedback. It means a great deal. Some work from the show (pieces available) are posted on the site here, under Paintings. I'm hoping to have some of the lockdown/watercolour pieces posted here this month as well. Check it out.

Have you been able to check out the Climenhage show at Sadlier House? It opened in the fall, and is a strong testament to the career of one of Peterborough's strongest visual voices. Featuring many of John's plein air, pandemic paintings - along with pieces from his varied career - it's well worth exploring. I'm told the space is currently closed as we moved back to Phase 2 of restrictions but the work will stay up, and with luck we'll have opportunities to view it when reopening occurs. Learn more about the Climenhage Project here.


On Music.

I continue to enjoy the Criterion Channel, which has been supplying me with quality film content since it's inception April 8, 2019. Since that time i've broadened by knowledge of the format, and seen some amazing works from Canada, North American and around the world. Recently, I watched my second Whit Stillman film - The Last Days of Disco. This 1998 film is set in the very early 80s, the dying days of the disco movement in New York City. The soundtrack is a stellar look at the times with the hits of Chic, Evelyn "Champagne" King and the O'Jays. I don't often go back and get nostalgic about music, but disco was important in my life when i was a pre-teen, and remains imbedded in my playlist - mostly as new music from artists like Hard Feelings and Jessie Ware. Check out this flick, and revel in the music of the times.

On the Outdoors.

I am learning to get along with winter. It remains my least favourite season, but getting out into it sure does help, both mentally and physically, especially during these times we live in. I've got some great hikes planned for the season. Do you like winter? What's your take? All that being said, I also purchased a bike trainer and am peddling kilometers in my living room. Though I do winter bike outdoors, being able to keep my cardio up, and my legs strong leading into the spring biking season will be awesome.

Take care of each other,