Fluorescent Orange and Spring

Spring is here, thank goodness. While the winter wasn't terribly nasty, weather wise, it was gruelling nonetheless. And, now the stay-at-home order, round 3.

The sun is shining today, and I am starting to collect and think about work which will encompass my June show at a small downtown gallery space.

A combination of watercolour and relief/letterpress is on tap. Currently experimenting with a combination thereof. Results are turning out to be very pleasing, but more pushing it forward to happen between now and the start of June. 

Trying to figure out hanging options. Framing is expensive, as ever. Getting work up onto a wall, in an attractive way, is a challenge. Oh, to have Gerhard Richter's experience and cash.

Words and Yeats and paint and ink and paper - it's starting to come together. Stay tuned for more specific details. 

Oh, and I scored a fresh can of Fluorescent Orange ink, i promise not to over do it. 

Be well, take care of each other and get outside, safely. - Jeff