Falling into Autumn

It's late September, the Art Gallery of Peterborough Autumn Studio Tour is now complete, and in the books. Traffic was pretty solid, all things considered. I was finally able to chat with folks about my work, which is not so engaging on Zoom! People were kind, followed protocols and in the end, the event went over very well. If you attended my studio, or any of the studios on the tour - thank you! Special shout out to my personal peeps who roamed the city, taking in locations, including dropping by to see me! ;-)

Thanks to the team over at the gallery, including a special shoutout to Andrew, who were so very helpful, as always. I'm looking forward to the 2022 iteration with excitement.

Broadside - Collective Effervescence

This post features a new broadside, printed throughout the day on Saturday, with the most excellent phrase "collective effervescence". I just really dig words, and these two words, together, add up to a lot. Let's rejoice in ourselves - both singularily and as a community! Woot! This particular broadside was printed in 5 colours and is now posted in the shop here.

So, what's next? A few things. Will spend the next couple weeks completing my seasonal cards - with an eye to having them in store by the end of October. Watch for them here on the site, Watson & Lou, The Art Gallery Shop and Peterborough GreenUp. I've already got two completed, and will be making four more. Stay tuned on that one.

As well, i've booked a date at The Theatre On King for Focus Fair, which took the year off in 2020 - obviously, and I will start reaching out to vendors over the coming weeks. The two day show will take place Sat/Sun, December 11th and 12th. Really looking forward to being able to do this. Will confirm in early November, once we know how Covid-19 plays out here in Ontario.

I printed new business cards (see above). I've been out of cards for ages, and with the pandemic, et al, didn't really need them. But, feeling positive about things, i dashed these off on the weekend. I've been signing my prints with my url, upsy daisy, for some time, so i thought i'd follow through and take that to the new card design. Thoughts? I do love to force readers to parse out the words, and these words, so obvious, i don't believe anyone would have trouble getting it. Also, an "Index" is pretty much one of my favourite things.