Roll-O-Matic Printing System

Open Call | ArtsWeek Ptbo 2018 Roll-O-Matic Print System

Theme: The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. – Wikipedia

We live in an accelerated time – media is everywhere, invading our lives unlike any other time before. Just look at the news. How do we cope? Do we cope? Are we more social? Or less?

Blocks submissions will speak to this theme, in some way, shape or form.

WHAT WE NEED: We are looking for a few good relief block makers to be part of a limited edition book. Blocks will be printed at promoted events during Artsweek 2018 (September 21-30th),

This is a call for carved relief (lino) 7-8 blocks – to be incorporated into the 32 page book. Final block size and set-up will be dictated once submissions are vetted. Only that number of submissions will be accepted.

By involving artists through this call for blocks, we hope people who might not otherwise have the chance to print in a larger format, will gain experience in this area. We will all learn from each other through this process. Hey, it will be fun! We appreciate all those who show interest, and if it doesn’t work out this time, we hope to work with you in the future.

Artists Fees: An honorarium of $50 will be paid to each artist for submissions accepted and approved for the final anthology.

How to submit your summary submission: Email:

Small print:

A. Please submit a few words, telling us your theme and ideas for your block. Include a short personal bio (maximum 50 words) with each essay submission – tell us a bit about you, and your experience/lack thereof when it comes to carving relief blocks. if your work is selected, we will use it in marketing for the printing events.

B. Please have a comfort level with carving printing blocks – linoleum blocks specifically.

Note: If accepted, we will supply the lino material you will use to carve. No need to purchase it. As coordinators we will make every attempt to assist in the carving (via workshops). A couple times will be scheduled to have group carving times.

Deadline: Submissions received before August 26th will be considered. Note: We have a cap of 7-8 submissions which can be accepted. Every submission will receive a reply. Artists will be informed by Aug 28th. We thank all for considering and applying.

Who we are:

Carl Baker
carl baker has been working in letter press printing for 5-6 years. his other creative interests are in mail-art and graphic art. he has appeared in numerous art-literature journals.
Jeffrey Macklin
Jeffrey is an Peterborough, Ontario based artist and graphic designer, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day/historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces. He makes hand-made books, prints and ephemera. Currently teaching in the Graphic Design and Visual Communication program at Fleming College. His last public show was summer 2017 at the Art Gallery of Peterborough.


Printing events are scheduled for the following:

Art Gallery of Peterborough,  Saturday, September 22 – 9am to 1pm

 Silver Bean Café, Saturday, September 29 – 9am t0 2pm

In the event of inclement weather, locations may change. Stay tuned to Artsweek social media streams for updates, or follow me on Twitter @jacksoncreek

Some images from our testing, Aug. 2018