June 26 – texture

Spiral Lino-cut, printed in two colours.

For the last year, i’ve been building up my repertoire of linos cut in patterns and textures. Recently i’ve ramped that up a bit – adding a new spiral, rectangle pattern and more. There are a few new broadsides in the mix, as i experiment with overlaying them in various colours and combinations. Stay tuned.

Punk Rock

Yesterday, my time in the shop was limited to a few hours in the evening. I had an idea to work with a quote from Henry Rollins.

“Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock.” – Henry Rollins

I started with placing “anything” in the press, in big, bold sans wood type and printing in pink. At this point i’m really improvising. I let the type cascade down from the top left corner, diagonally. Then i had to return to the top of the sheet – and figured i’d re-use the “thing” part of anything and let it finish Everything. Then, with the top line, printed in orange.

Next, i needed to finish it off – and red seemed correct for this. Overall, it’s a bold cluster of type which the reader is challenged to read through.

Blog 1 – June 12, 2019

I have been thinking about periodically writing blog posts, but i’ve never taken the plunge. Maybe 2019 is the year?

I’ve been a long-time journaller, drawing, writing and such. I don’t want this to replace that, but maybe there is a bit of room for both? Time will tell.

Stay tuned.

sitting out back, enjoying a very late spring afternoon

For now, here is a pic of last night’s dinner – a quasi Aloo Gobi – subbing broc for cauli and adding chick peas. It was tasty and easy.